Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Eights

Instead of 8 micro-posts, I'm opting for one giant disconnected post.

1. Cynthia and I have callings in our new ward. Cynthia is the assistant-secretary in the Relief Society. I guess you need assistant secretaries in huge wards. Go figure. I'm now a scoutmaster for the blazer scouts. Those boys sure are rowdy at age 11. It's almost exactly like the boys at home, except a little more...vulgar.

2. I can't believe there are blossoms on the trees already! It's the dead of winter in Wisconsin right now. I almost feel like it's too good to last.The rain has also slowed down the past few weeks, though I know that IS too good to last.

This is a picture in the park outside my office. I work in that black box.

3. I informed my boss that I've decided to stop studying for the next actuarial exam in order to focus on my work. (sniff, sniff). This way I'll actually have time to see my family after a day's work and not stress out. Still, it was my goal for a few years to complete my FSA this summer, so this is a bit of a drag.

4. The four of us played Gulo Gulo tonight, an excellent kid's board game that I almost included in the "Better Board Games" post last year. The unusual thing about this is that it was the first time in 35 days that I've played a board game. Since we started getting into board games in Dec 2007, I haven't gone more than 10 days without playing a game. So far I've only paid 2 games in 2010. I think I'm going through withdrawal.

5. True to our word, we made an Alpha Pig cake for Carter's birthday. Actually, Cynthia did it all. I wanted to postpone his birthday party with the move and everything else that was going on, but Cyn pushed through. We used the FBCT method again. Not as good as the Super Why cake, but incredible considering the time/equipment we had.

Thanks for being such a good sport for your birthday, Carter. Hopefully it will be a little less chaotic next year.

6. Poor Lofty was towed away by Habitat for Humanity on Friday. It was actually still in semi-operable condition when we bought the new car, but we couldn't even start Lofty when it was time for the towing. I guess it's a good thing we bought something else! Cynthia described it as a sad event as we had so many memories in that car.

7. I've decided to finally get serious about dropping the 50 pounds of excess I've been carrying around since 2004. I've never been much of a runner so treadmills just ain't my thing, but I've always loved biking. Unfortunately though, I haven't had a bike since 2002. With a portion of the tax refund we got, I'm buying a new bike. It was far more difficult settling on a bike than a new car with the vast selection available in Portland. However, I test rode this one on Saturday and I fell in love. It's a 2009 Scott Sportster P55 hybrid bike, and I can't wait to get my road legs back on it.

8. Jordan drew another book for us. I think this is the first one he's done for us in color. And I mean COLOR! Wow! My eyes are still healing.
Fire Problem                                                            
By the way, the story ends well. Jordan drew a tiny picture of a house on the back cover and said "that's the new house they got".

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  1. Fun post! Nice Alpha Pig, go Cyn! I think I am most excited about the new bike. I am envious. I can't wait to one day trade my mountain bike in for a road bike. I may have to come visit and take yours for a spin.... I knew you'd become the other kind of biker after moving to Portland! ;)