Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Hair

One of the hardest parts of moving is building up your service network. It's rough having to find a new doctor, dentist, teacher, car mechanic, lawyer, clergyman, and last but not least....hairstylist. Cynthia had the perfect hairstylist at a miraculous price in Milwaukee so it was kind of a drag to be searching for someone else.

Cynthia got a few recommendations at church for a salon called Taglio. It's pronounced in the most pretentious way possible (TAH-lei-oh) which helped me to know that the haircuts were going to be both well done and (gulp) expensive.

I've grown very fond of Cyn's short shag haircuts, despite the objections from her siblings. I have also been missing the lighter hair color she went with when we first met. So she printed off two pictures for the hairstylist - her best hair color in my opinion and her best cut in my opinion (I like how regarded my opinion was!). She gave the pics to the new hairstylist (who is a member of our stake) and said (at my instruction) "give me the most non-conservative hairstyle that I'd still feel comfortable taking to church."

Here's the result:

Now that's Good Hair.

Incidentally, we watched Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair a few days ago. It's about the excesses and dangers of the African-American hair industry. Very educational and entertaining film.


  1. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really like your hair too Cynthia! Your blog is great. I finally visited it.