Saturday, April 24, 2010

Portland Temple

Here are a few shots from a recent visit to the Portland temple which is 5 minutes from our apartment. I've seen quite a few temples in my time, but this one is stellar. The exterior, the award-winning landscaping, the location, the atrium INSIDE the temple where you can take pictures, the incredible mahogany woodwork, the huge marble staircase in the celestial room, etc. I don't understand why all the carpets are pink...but I'll let that one slide. This is a seriously beautiful temple...though I'm still partial to San Diego's...


  1. I was supposed to get married there but my parents moved to Utah the year before my wedding. It's so beautiful there. I miss Oregon (and Wisconsin).

  2. Hi there! I can't believe you live in Oregon, and right there by my temple! My parents' house is about 30 min away in Rock Creek area, north of Beaverton. When we come visit in December, we should get together. I hope your move went well and you are settling in ok.