Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daddies and Mommies

Actual conversation over lunch.

Daddy: "What do daddies do, Jordan?"

Jordan: "They watch the kids."

Daddy: "What else?"

Jordan: "They go to work to have money to buy food...and make the food."

Daddy: "Anything else?"

Jordan: "They put the kids to bed."

Daddy: "What do Mommies do?'

Jordan: "Mmm...they watch the kids when Daddy can't."


  1. That is so funny. Jordan you make me laugh. When are you guys coming to visit again. We miss you.

  2. I love this. It sounds like Cynthia has been to too many Girl's Nights Out!

  3. Yeah, the band night, the Twilight party, the meetings for church, the Young Women general broadcast. It has gotten to be a lot.
    But I do have to say that Peter is a great husband and he really helps me out tons.

  4. My family is having a reunion in Provo this June. However, I don't know if we are going to come or not.

    But even if we don't come to Utah, you can come and visit us. We really miss you too!