Saturday, May 2, 2009

Date Night

Peter has been hounding me to write a blog post since I was the one to start this blog and I have so far written only one post. Here goes...

We try to have a date every week. Friday night we decided to use a gift card for Olive Garden to keep the cost down. We went to the Olive Garden on Brown Deer Road. While we were waiting for 20 min, Peter and I noticed we were definitely a minority in the group. So it was startling when we were seated around all caucasians. It felt like a totally different atmosphere.

I mentioned to Peter that a friend who works at Best Buy as a shopping assistant told me that each shopping assistant is hired to help a specific demographic of women: upper, middle, or lower. Was the same kind of discriminatory selection happening in our restaurant? I said to Peter, "did you notice how we completely felt like the minority when we were waiting to be seated and now......" I paused at this point to let him cautiously look around the room - it was funny to see how much I had opened his eyes. The shock was evident all over his face. There were a total of 3 people who weren't caucasian in the room. Then he said, "I'm totally blogging about this!"

But there was another surprise for me that night - the meal. Honesty I wasn't expecting much from Olive Garden, but I have to say I was blown away by what I ordered. The waitress said it is only going to be on the menu for a month. NOOO! They would be CRAZY to take this off their menu. Lasagna Rollatini with Chicken. I think it is my new all time favorite entree I've had at a restaurant. The sauce was unlike anything I have ever had; it was creamy and cheesy with a slightly smoky edge to it. Wow. So unexpected. The chicken was so tender and the lasagna noodles rolled around the cheese blend were.... all I can say is that it was perfection. Molto buon!

The picture does the flavor no justice


  1. Just a pet peeve of mine, but the Olive Garden you went to, while on Brown Deer Road, actually resides in the city of Milwaukee. And actually, it's closer to rural Mequon than Brown Deer.

    Interesting anecdote, though.

  2. Correction made. Thanks, Mr. Nonny Mouse.

    I'm surprised we didn't catch that earlier, given that we used to live less than a mile away.