Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yoga for Kids, by Kids

Jordan is going to make us a fortune.

Several months ago, we borrowed My Daddy is a Pretzel, a book of yoga for kids, from the library. I wanted to try yoga as a method to get the kids to quiet down and put their energy to better use. It worked incredibly well. The boys really got into it and I enjoyed my first exposure to yoga as well. Though we returned the book a few weeks later and haven't picked it up since, I still use yoga every now and then whenever my kids or our friend's kids are just a little too hyper.

On Saturday, Nathan and Katie came over so the adults could play some games. We let everyone stay up far later than they should have and...well, you've probably been there.

Then Jordan came up with a brilliant idea to calm down the crowd. He became an impromptu yoga instructor. I'm giving that kid a raise. If I can film him teaching enough of these sessions I can sell DVDs, book tie-ins, merchandise, a weekly show, you name it. Yoga for Kids, by KidsTM

Here's a sneak peak of the first episode. Sorry for the snickering and shaky camera, it was REALLY funny.


  1. See, this is why I have to read your blog before anyone else gets in at work. Not to mention the chicken-flavored water comment. I can't contain the giggles!! Love it!

  2. Love the "and NOW..." before every position change! What a natural leader! This kid definitely has talents!