Saturday, May 30, 2009

Annual Brewers Game

I went to one single Major League Baseball game before adulthood. Cleveland at Anaheim (I long for the glory days before they called themselves Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). I'm not exactly sure how old I was...probably around 8. But I remember it really well and always wished that I could go to more games.

Now that I'm in charge, we go to one baseball game every year. Unfortunately, this year wasn't as good as last year. The Brewers lost, The seats were terrible, the noise was unbearable, the Brewers lost, traffic was horrific, I was so busy running around buying food that I couldn't enjoy the game, and did I mention that the Brewers tragically lost?

However, the true value of going to the ballpark with the boys is how well they respond to it. Just look at the picture below - those are two enthralled boys. When we left, Jordan even said "I want to be a baseball player when I grow up". And we've played baseball outside everyday since...

That's success.

I'm happy to report that my favorite racing sausage, Chorizo, won by a very substantial margin. He completed the race in 19.21 seconds.

Edit: Despite what the by-line states, this post was created by Bushchicken. We discovered the error after it was too late to fix without deleting the comments we received.


  1. How fun is that! Too bad we don't live closer to a ballpark ourselves anymore. Oh well.