Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pike Lake

For Memorial Day, we went to Pike Lake State Park in Kettle Moraine. What a great place. I'm sure we'll be headed there again. Thanks to the Beckers for the invitation (and the Van Blarcums and Stewarts). It was just a really enjoyable holiday.

We had a little barbecue, waded in the lake, went fishing, did a little hiking, and played a game of wiffle ball. You know, good ol' american stuff.

Cynthia's family probably won't be surprised to hear that Cynthia got lost while on the hike. Luckily it was only 15 minutes that she was lost because her trusty hiking survival backpack was tucked safely in the trunk of our car.

Jordan had the biggest mound of chips on his plate that I've ever seen at a barbecue.

Carter's favorite activity was digging the beach up with a trowel we got for him the Saturday before.

Honestly. Could a barbecue and fishing trip possibly be complete without a ukulele?


  1. Peter,
    We are wondering how much sand, chips, otter pop wrappers, dandelions, and dead worms you found in your ukulele?


  2. Ok...I don't know how you did it, Patty.

    I swear there was nothing in my uke when I brought it home. I pulled it off the wall tonight and heard some sand shaking around inside!