Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feed the ducks

Last week we went to Oakwood Park to cure a case of the blues. The best part of Oakwood Park? Feeding the ducks. Quite possibly the best thing ever.

But this time was a little more difficult than usual. As we got down to the lake and started passing out our pieces of bread, a mother goose (followed by 5 goslings) came onto the bank and started hissing at us! We tried backing away; she kept hissing. We tried walking up the hill to a safe distance; crazy momma goose followed us, hissing all the way. We tried going to another part of the lake to feed other ducks; the murderous goose continued hunting us, hissing like a snake. It was all very disturbing. I tried making the best of it - I'd run up the hill like a maniac waving my arms and mock-screaming and the boys did likewise. And Cynthia threw bread at a blindingly fast pace towards anything that had a mouth.

We then played on the swings and drove home. Jordan asked in the car if we were going to read a story before bed. We declined, as it was already past bedtime. He was saddened by this fact of life, so I said something like "it's ok...tonight we made our own story! The family went to feed the ducks. The mother goose hissed at us. Jordan ran away. We drove home. The end." He bought it. He was happy again, the day was saved, and bedtime went smoothly.

The next day (which happened to be my birthday) Jordan gave me a present - his latest book. He drew the pictures, had Cyn write down his verbatim storyline, and then he stapled it. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is Jordan's wonderful book.

Wow! That actually looks like a goose!

I asked Jordan what that weird thing on the leg was. He said "Oh...I messed up". Yeah, I was a bit relieved by that statement. And just look at the expression on that face!

That's how we roll.

Should it bother me that it looks like he's being electrocuted in that bed?

Thank you, Jordan. You make me a very proud father.


  1. I love the story. Well, done Jordan.

  2. I love it. The car is a classic--I still draw cars like that. Oh, and Happy Birthday.

  3. That book is sooo funny! I can't believe I was talking to you about ducks tonight and you told me about your yoga blog but not this one!?! Terrisa

  4. Awesome post! I was attacked "violently" 3 years ago. A mad goose actually dive-bombed me!

  5. A photographer and an author! Love the Strongbad link!

  6. Well, well that was the best laugh I have had for a while, it is nice to see that you taught your kids well, in the art of making people laugh. Thank you for the smile.