Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Father and Sons' Campout

The boys and I went to our first Father and Sons' Campout over the weekend in Menomonee Park. What a great time it was. It was also the first time Carter had ever been camping. We played games, ate tons of junk food, broke the tent we just got as a hand-me-down, went fishing, and got very little sleep due to the cold and the loud noise of high winds rustling the aspen trees right behind our tent.

Still, it was a great time. I hope the boys are excited to campout in future years because I absolutely loved the 'bonding time' I was able to spend with them.

I don't have to look presentable on a campout at 6 am after 4 hours of sleep, right?

Cynthia also enjoyed her alone time. She went shopping at Kohl's super-mega-extravaganza sale and then watched movies at Faith's house until 4:30 in the freakin' morning. That's one hour before I woke up for the day, folks.


  1. Sounds like everyone in your family had a great night! Thanks for sharing your testimony about fatherhood. We really appreciated hearing it!


  2. That awesome! Mike took Tyson last year and at midnight Mike started barfing so they had to come home. This year, they stayed the whole night listening to a drunken party across the way at a cabin. They were up until 2 hearing every swear word a couple hundred times. Always exciting! We'll see what next year brings. Glad you guys had fun! Tell Cyn I would have done the same thing! I usually take Anna to a hotel for the night! That's our campout!