Sunday, June 7, 2009

Talent Show

Our Primary had their annual talent show last week. Jordan really wanted to participate, but we really couldn't think of anything for him to do. I imagined a bunch of the kids playing violin and perhaps a piano performance or two. Luckily, our primary has a loose view of what is considered 'talent'.

One counselor recommended that Jordan show off his hissing goose book and teach everyone yoga. Yes! Yoga! A perfect opportunity to expose everyone to Yoga for Kids, By KidsTM.

Here then, is the brave little Jordan doing his yoga instruction at the primary talent show.

What a funny kid! He was SOOO excited to do yoga for everyone. We practiced the whole routine a little before the event, but it was a long wait and he went a little 'mavericky' on us. It was two parts cute, one part hilarious, and one large dosage of confusion.

I was surprised at the variety in some of the other acts. Kids wrote their own poems and songs, did comedy skits, demonstrated origami and balloon animals, and one gal did gymnastics.

Oh, and those kids playing violins? Yeah...they've improved their act a bit...

WARNING: Do not attempt this at home!

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