Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Another insane week. I've got to stop these weekend updates before they become a habit. Though, if you hear me out about this week, you may understand why.

Monday - I get into work at 6:30 to get a ton of work done. By 7:30 I hear murmurs about a new guy on our team. I wonder if I'm getting fired. At 8:00 I get a meeting request from my boss' boss. Now I'm more worried. At 8:30, I'm told that I have officially been transferred to a new department. Phew! Still employed. At 9:00, my new boss finds out I'm now her direct report. Noone was all very sudden. So most of my week was spent training 'the new guy' to fill my role and still produce tons of work. Quite a few extra hours this week.

Thursday - Company picnic. These are never as stress-free as a typical picnic, but this year was pretty enjoyable. It helped that the boys are old enough now that they can play some games and we can still maintain some decent conversations.

Saturday - Got Cynthia off to the temple. I was scheduled to go with her, but I had to stay and write my talk.

Sunday - Spent all morning writing my talk. Finished just 20 minutes before church. It went very well. Then, I was released from my calling! I'm out of the Elder's Quorum! In fact...I'm completely without a calling right now. I'm sure that will last all of 7 days. After church we went over to the Thompson's house for a lovely dinner and conversation.

I didn't get a moment in to call my Dad. So, Happy Father's Day, Dad. Hope it was a good one.

Cynthia and the boys made a delightful card and bookmark for me and gave me chocolate, Cinnabons, a strawberry shortcake, and a new electric toothbrush! That combo is beyond compare!


  1. Peter, what did they do for your company picnic? I am curious since I am on our Picnic "committee"

  2. It's actually not my entire company - just the actuaries.

    For the past 5 years we've gone to Greenfiled Park, site #5. It's very comfortable for up to 100-150 people. There's enough space to setup two large sports (football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee), several sets of the 'drinking games' (bags, horse shoes, bocce ball), there's a lake right down the hill for the fishing types, and a large playground just out of earshot for the kiddies. Hard to go wrong.

    Besides that, we just do the typical barbecue/keg thing at the pavilion with music hooked up.

    Hope that helps.