Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Rundown

We had a pretty full week. And yet, I have no pictures of it.

Last Sunday - I single-handedly taught the worst Elder's Quorum lesson ever. I left half of my material at home and an open fight almost erupted. Sheesh. I actually considered not going back today and apparently I wasn't the only one, because only half of last week's attendees showed up.

Later, we had the Maynes over for dinner and then a planning session for a joint vacation to the Dells. Though the evening was productive, Marty and I basically just watched videos online and talked about open-source software while our wives filled out the schedule.

Monday - Joint family home evening with the Thomas family. Emily did a fine job teaching an effective lesson in a very short time so we could have time for the REAL reason for the get-together...we played Rock Band for at least an hour. It was my first time playing - super fun.

Tuesday - Exhausted from work, I fell asleep for most of the evening. Then I forced Cynthia to watch Star Trek II with me. KHAAAAAANNN!!!!

Wednesday - For the first time in my nearly 7 years of marriage, I left both my wife and kids at home to just have fun. And that was a record that was really hard to break. I felt very guilty for spending any money on myself and leaving the fam behind, but I guess it had to happen sometime. I went to a Brewers game with Tyce and friends. Brewers lost, I left early because I was tired, but it was still fun.

Thursday - Jordan finished his last day of 4K! I'm pretty sure it was just a few days ago that the school year started...

Cynthia went to Madison with 'the ladies' to see The Lucas Cates Band. If you have no idea what that is, you can read about it here or here. I fully support these band outings with the hopes that someday a band I'm interested in (sorry, TLCB) will show up in Madison and I'll be able to go see them.

Friday - Date night! Mini golf and Potbelly. Someday I may have to write an ode to the Potbelly pizza sandwich. Potbelly is my favorite sandwich shop (though Panera is the best sandwich around) - I could just sit inside Potbelly and talk or read for hours.

Saturday - Super Why day at Toys 'R Us! They launched a new line of Super Why toys and had a 'play date' to celebrate. It wasn't as long or fabulous as we would have liked, but there was storytime, free masks, stickers, coloring pages, tattoos, etc. We bought a Super Why action figure for Jordan and an Alpha Pig action figure for Carter...and they're actually well-made and really cute! Bonzer!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up our filthy apartment for Faith/Tyce. They came over to eat some Chinese and get in a few games of Crokinole. (Very soon I'll be totally finished with my board and I'll post a picture of it.) Then the gals watched and discussed the (de)merits of Persuasion and Tyce and I played Agricola.

Sunday - Smoked steak and shrimp for dinner. Turned out fabulous. And I was asked to speak in church again. That's the second time in 3 months and this time I only have one week to prepare. I guess I'll get off now and start reading materials. Ho hum.


  1. Peter, better you then me as far as speaking in church. I have a little trick, go way over and you won't be asked again.


  2. WOW, sounds like you kept busy. I laughed at the Elders Quorum thing. According to Mike, you should teach in our ward. You would be the best teacher they've had yet- fight and all. As for Rock Band, I have serious issues with it. When students tell me they can play guitar because they can play the Rock Band version of it, I want to scream. I must admit I was a little jealous when you talked about going on a trip with some friends. How I miss you guys. One day we'll see you guys again. Maybe WE should plan a trip out there.....

  3. Don't hesitate! Get the plane tickets today! We would love to have you!