Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Reveal

It's finally ready! My crokinole board is ready! Here she is:

The playing surface is 26" in diameter, with a base of 30". The playing surface and base are made of birch, the rails are made of poplar, and the 'buttons' and posts are maple. If you click on the image to get a closer look, you'll see that there are decorative inlays around the posts. These inlays and the center hole (called the 20 hole) are made of mother of pearl - much like you'd find on a guitar fretboard. As the pearl inlays are the most unique feature of the board, I've named the board "Pearly Gates". Cheesy, I know.

Soon it will be hanging on our wall, right above our fireplace. That wall is still bare after a year in this apartment.

Hurry and make your reservations to come over and try it out! Be warned though, that it's probably the most addicting game ever.


  1. wow. it looks great. you are tempting us to come up for a visit

  2. Please DO come! We would love it! So, July or August?

  3. Great work Peter! You know, your grandfather Hedgecock (who LOVES to work with wood), would be very proud of you and what you did.